Comparison of Flownets for Varying Thickness of Vertical Core Earth and Rockfill Dam Under Rapid Draw-Down and Steady-State Seepage and Its Effect on Stability Using Numerical Modeling SpringerLink

draw flow nets

The area between two flow lines is called a flow channel . Therefore, the rate of flow is constant in a flow channel.

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• The streamlines ψ and equipotential lines Φ are mutually perpendicular to each other. Irregular points draw flow nets in the flow field occur when streamlines have kinks in them (the derivative doesn’t exist at a point).

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They indicate the path followed by the seepage water. Other set of curves are called equipotential lines. They are the lines which join points of equal potential.

draw flow nets

So the direction of groundwater flow is usually two directions, losing stream or gaining stream for floodplains. I am trying to map out my hydraulic heads to show which of these relationships are present at the site. The first shows what I think should be the groundwater flow lines based off the equipotential lines that were created in ArcGIS using contours. The next two shows the output of using archydro with arrow spacing of 10 and 30.

Analytical Method:

As the store water rushes out, the channel widens and catastrophic failure results. This results from erosion of fine particles due to water flow.

How do flow nets work?

As said earlier, a flow net represents the flow of water within a soil mass i.e., seepage, in a graphical manner. For this purpose, a flow net uses flow lines and equipotential lines. A flow line is a line along which a fluid particle flows within a flow line. This is also called a flow path or streamline.